Sundar Sanchez

Tomás Sundar Sánchez is California State Board Licensed in Acupuncture, and Herbal Medicine. He obtained a college degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the Five Branches University, USA.

Sundar holds a Doctorate Degree in Medical Qigong Therapy from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, the overseas Medical Qigong College of the Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, (China). He underwent exceptional academicals and clinical training and he was licensed as a Clinical Doctor of Medical Qigong Therapy and Doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine DTCM by the People Republic of China’s Ministry of Health.

Sundar was accepted as a 66th Generation Dizi or disciple of the Tian Shi Sect of Zheng-Yi Daoist tradition. His dedication and hard work got him to being ordained as a Daoist priest 1st “Lu” at over 900 years old Daoist Monastery, Long Hu San, Jiang Xi, China in a very auspicious day 11/11/11, November 11th 2011.

He has travelled in Asia, Europe, North Africa and North and Central America sharing his knowledge and studying native medicine from different Shamans, Healers and Masters. Sundar has a dedicated daily practice of Qigong, Meditation and Spiritual ceremony, bringing together the mind and body connection, and integrating Eastern and Western medicine and practices.

A Great Physician should not pay attention to status, wealth or age; neither should he question whether the particular person is attractive or unattractive, whether he is an enemy or friend…

Medicine or Calling

Helping others to heal through a higher power

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