Adrian Lobo

Adrian Lobo is a visionary movement artist utilizing the art of movement & holistic health to inspire mastery of body & self. He artfully wields the beauty of movement and dance through innovative performance art and immersive workshops to help awaken our highest potential. He specializes in the animated-Illusion street dance styles of Popping and is also a Yoga, Qi-Gong, and Tai-Chi instructor. Lobo gracefully weaves urban street dance with the methods and philosophy of Internal Martial Arts, Ancient Dance styles, and Sacred Movement into a unique method of movement mastery he has brought forth. He seeks to help humanity become more in tune with their bodies and discover the beauty of mastering self and body.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Shen-Pop Style: Dance of the Energy

    90 min | Warriors Way

    Enter the Shen-Pop style where street dance and the sacred energy merge as one. Shen (神) is the Chinese word for Spirit and moves with this consciousness through the street dance known as Popping or Pop-Lock. Shen-Pop combines Urban Street Dance & Hip-Hop culture with the ancient wisdom's of Internal Martial Arts, Sacred Geometry, Energy Arts, Shamanism, and merging with the Higher Self. This dance is a high-disciplinary art form helping bring proper foundation, technique, and learning the elemental styles of Water-Waving, Wind-Tutting, Fire-Boogaloo, Metal-Robot, and Earth-Footwork. The Dancer comes into alignment with the natural forces and higher consciousness through this practice. The way of the Shen-Pop is a holistic dance mastery system that heals, empowers, and transforms all who experience it with style and grace.

  • Energy Mastery 101

    90 min | Warriors Way

    Learn techniques and methods to bring better mastery over ones energetic life-force (aka Qi, Prana, Bio-Electric Field) and energetic environment. Have you ever felt you were sensitive to other peoples energy and environment yet couldn't help it? This class aims to turn the curses of empathy into a gift. Energy Mastery teaches different facets of energy awareness, including: Energy Healing, Psychic Protection, Telepathy, Energy Reading, and enhanced sensitivity to the invisible forces surrounding us every day. This class grants the necessary tools and foundation for doing healing work, channeling, energy arts, and becoming a developed empath. The wisdom of Energy Mastery can benefit every aspect of ones life and open up a world beyond the imagination.

  • Temple Style Tai-Chi

    90 min | Warriors Way

    Temple Style is a form of Tai-chi practiced by the monastic Taoist monks of ancient China. Before there was a martial art there was this form of Tai-chi which primarily focuses on ones development of energy, body, and spirit. It aims to help one develop their energy sensitivity, health, and energy mastery. These teachings come from the Taoist philosophy of internal alchemy, also called Nei-Gong (internal cultivation). This class teaches the necessary foundations and philosophy to help one start on the path of internal cultivation of Taoist internal alchemy. Each experience of these forms of Tai-Chi help one achieve holistic health, inner peace, and evolution of self.

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