Alison Seneca McAulay

Alison McAulay is a co-founder of Switch On and co-creator of Breakthrough Biodynamics™. She is a wisdom teacher, conscious community leader and pioneer in embodied transformation with a career spanning Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy, intuitive healing, yoga, contemporary dance, choreography and elite gymnastics. Alison has been running transformational Switch On classes and workshops all around Europe and China and teaches regularly in London.

Workshops & Presentations

  • SwitchOn Mini-Workshop

    120 min | Lucid University

    The Switch On mini-workshop is designed to shift people from a surviving to thriving way of being. Take a ride from stillness to ecstasy through breath work, guided meditation, yoga, movement, dance and music. Think yoga, meets 5 rhythms, meets conscious rave. Deepen your journey into your body and mind to unleash life-changing breakthroughs. It's an experience where science and spirit dance together as we shift our fear-based emotions and beliefs about ourselves and the world through our physiology and into the quantum field. Walk away feeling connected, creative and more like the person you truly know yourself to be.
    Participants have said:
    “It has transformed my life"
    “Alison is like a gentle scalpel for relieving stress"
    "You are enlightened, and always seem to be able to help me"

Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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