Andros Sturgeon

Since as early as childhood, Andros has been interested in the entertainment industry as his parents wrote for such shows as “Star Trek” and “Land of the Lost.” He held many jobs in the industry until 2012, when he made the decision to forge his own path by creating his own company. Andros founded Starchild Interactive: a community-based internet development company designed to create interactive entertainment experiences, video marketing, advertising and websites for businesses and service providers. He currently lives in Ojai, California with his wife photographer / business partner Nathalie. They have a son together named Khalil. He is currently writing his first novel.

Andros Sturgeon is the Founder of Starchild Interactive.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Start Your Business & Change the World

    75 min | Lucid University

    I have taught business classes to thousands of people and countless organizations. There are questions that come up time and time again: like how to get a business license, develop a business plan and create marketing. But for the visionary culture, the questions run a little deeper. The biggest obstacle for conscientious people who want to create and run a business in the 21st century is this: How can you run a business what everything about capitalism runs counter to my core beliefs? This workshop will go over the practical aspects of creating a business (the plan, how to fund, marketing) but it will also go over ways to reconcile the parts of running a business that seems to contradict the very nature of ethics and values. This workshop will help visionary people start their businesses but overcome the schizophrenic nature of capitalism.


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