Arthur McDee

Arthur McDee is a urban homesteader living in the city of Los Angeles. A member of a local beer brewing club known as the Maltose Falcons. In 2010, he began fermenting beer, kombucha, and fermented foods. Finding the joy in creating and sharing; jars and bottles became a standard in the kitchen. Eventually the home workshops along with his video/photo work lead him to pursuit a creative space in North Hollywood. His motto is “Happiness is in a jar.”

Workshops & Presentations

  • Introduction into Brewing Beer

    60 min | Warriors Way

    In this workshop you will learn how to brew your own beer. We will discuss equipment, sanitation, ingredients, fermentation, and racking (bottling and kegging).

    We will bring our equipments, grains and hops to show the attendees. We will discuss the fermentation process: how yeasts converts sugars into alcohol, the mash, the wort, and finally BEER!

    Upon showing attendee showing us their valid 21+ ID, we can bring a few kegs to sample.


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