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Azul’s journey of deep healing and transmuting the past programs has been a ride of a life time. Over the past 10 years she has immersed herself into what she is calling “Azul’s Human Experience back to source”. Currently she is enjoying all the richness of this journey as she continues to integrate all the lessons and breakthroughs. She goes deeper into this powerful integration by sharing her personal experience with the all of humanity. She is in the process of sharing her personal story in the form of a book called “YES- Your Energy Source” Azul’s profound experience has brought a wealth of insight & healing tools that she knows will support others as they are on a similar healing journey. Azul’s purpose in this lifetime has been laid out through all the life experience she has personally witnessed. Every moment of pain, sadness, abuse, addition and fear has been a gift in her evolution to the empowered goddess that she is today. The strength and courage that she now embodies is a universal gift to be shared with all of humanity. Azul is excited to offer heart opening connection to support humanity in more joy, love, peace, grace and belonging. She brings insights and wisdom to all healing offerings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Let's get HIGH..... on OXYTOCIN - Quantum Heartbeat Hugs Experiment

    90 min | Goddess Grove

    Come set an intention for your experience and find support in being breath focused, meditative, hugging and holding space for others. This is a powerful opportunity to be vulnerable and authentic, and feel supported by one another.

    We will create a scared space that is open for self discovery and to be witnessed by our peers, by braking down the old paradigms and fears around hugging and human connections. Participants will go deeper into the understanding why they don't hug more often and what fears are around connecting with others. This will be an open forum with thought proving questions.

    Come share the healing opportunity of what it feels and look like to share pure authentic love with others, and how to overcome any fears around human connections. Azul and her team will be demonstrating the authentic feelings of what a powerful hug feels like. Heart to heart super charging the heart chakra.

    All participants will be given the space and opportunity to be seen and witness in a positive healthy environment. Participants will experience several emotional intelligence process that allows them the space to let go and surrender to the healing of love and human connection. You will also learn about the power of the Flow State from the scientific research by Steve Kotler

    Flow Opens Up The Next Level Of Human Performance in all areas of our life.

  • The MAGIC of LIVING a LIFE of INTEGRITY - How Conscious Thoughts & Communication Shape Our Reality

    75 min | Lucid University

    Come explore the power of your words and thoughts, and how each word you think and speak forms your reality. We are our thoughts and words. The power of Abracadabra - as I speak I create.

    Join this scared container to freely express yourself and create new realities. You will learn the science behind the vibrational power of your thoughts and words, and how they directly relate to your current state of being. Explore words that will limit your manifesting and alternative words that will raise your abilities. This discussion will examine the power of the Flow State from the scientific research by Steven Kotler

    Flow Opens Up The Next Level Of Human Performance

    Break through the limited beliefs and shift the energy and vibration of what you are willing to let go of and step into the magic of discovering your source energy. Discuss how living a life of integrity will directly impact all areas of your life, including the power of how to be of integrity in dating, in the work place, in your family, in your daily life in the world and within yourselves. You will uncover what it feels and looks like to speak your truth in all life experiences. You will be given the opportunity to practice speaking your truth in small groups and offer positive feedback to raise your consciousness on the words you use and why. This will be a safe space for all to express where they are now and where they would desire to be in all areas of their life.

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