Brian Zerega

Brian Zerega is as professional bodyworker and movement coach.  Inspired at an early age by strongmen of antiquity whose abilities seemed supernatural, Brian has always been curious about the secrets of masters.  Naturally gifted in Strength and movement and highly interested in holistic health Brian  searched for a direction to channel his interests in physiology and ultimately decided to pursue studies in the healing arts.  He attended the Swedish Institute of health science in New York and after graduating with a degree in massage therapy he moved to California and further refined his techniques at the Esalen Institute.  In los Angeles Brian worked along side medical professionals, in private practice and as a bodyworker for 2 Cirque du soleil productions, ‘Iris’ and ‘Totem’.  Brian worked and played pretty hard in los angeles and his love of movement and adventure left him with quite a few injuries.  Despite all of the incredible training he received in alternative healing his bodywork could not completely heal his own injuries, and in fact these maladies would become his bane as well as his greatest teachers.   It was after re-injuring his spine for the 3rd time that he finally let go and stopped doing everything. It was in that space that opened, without any knowledge of how to proceed that he began to explore movement on a much subtler level.  It was here that Brian finally discovered his Core (KOR).   Come discover the secrets of strengthening your body with Brian.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Core Mastery

    30 min | Warriors Way

    The dictionary definition of the word core is; the central or most important part of something. You've probably heard about the importance of core training, but what does that even mean, and even if you think your training it, how can you be sure your doing it right? Find out how this not so well understood aspect of our bodies is paramount to strength, flexibility and preventing injury.

    Learn how to turn your midsection into liquid steel, dynamic, flexible and indestructible.

    This class will discuss the functions of the core, what it is, does and how that relates to lower back injuries. Some exercises in this class may seem familiar to some but the depth with which we will explore them will be completely novel. Whether your interest is lifting weights, people or just yourself this class will greatly benefit your understanding of proper structural alignment.

  • Primal Movement Flow

    60 min | Warriors Way

    The human body is a tool of physical expression lets start using it that way. Dancing on 2 legs is so mainstream. Ground based movement flow is about learning natural, primal, human movement patterns which cross all cultures. This class will emphasize movement combinations and transitions in a variety of positions as well as encourage participants to find their own Primal Movement Flow.

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