Briana Cavion

Briana L. Cavion, MA, MAnlp

Coach, Sacred Facilitator & Adventurer – WholeLifeNLP

Briana teaches by sharing her story of challenge and inspiring us to get free of what has been slowing us down, standing in our way and sabotaging our life experience. Her work is to cultivate the new form of leader – finding the inner teacher that knows how to liberate from within.

In her seeking, Briana earned her NLP Masters Practitioner at NLP Marin ( Inspired to create her own practice, she started WholeLife NLP in 2010. She integrates this with her Masters (MA) in Peace Education from The United Nations University for Peace, and her 12 years of adventures and study in Latin America as the foundation of her Soul Purpose – Inner Peace for World Peace.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Family Constellations, Meditation (breathing & focus), and Sacred Ceremony of various traditions are the tools she weaves in her courses, 1×1 work and guided journeys around the world. Learn more at

Workshops & Presentations

  • Your New Story: Harnessing the Power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

    90 min | Healing Sanctuary

    WholeLife Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Transformation from the Inside, Out.

    Release the internal blocks that have been slowing you down, getting in your way and sabotaging the life you most desire. Teach yourself the tools to continue to grow, develop, and heal on your own. Tap into your Sacred Power and awaken to your infinite, creative potential.

  • Women's Circle

    120 min | Lucid University

    This workshop will be a clearing and a feeling journey, with exercises such a womb work for the empowerment and healing of women.


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