Bridgetta Tomarchio

Bridgetta is now a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT-500), Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Aromatherapist, Herbalist (H),  Reconnective Healing Practitioner (RH), and Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader. She is currently working on her Hypnosis Certification. She has also formulated her own line of organic products such as soaps, candles, sprays, and more. Bridgetta carries only the utmost quality of products in her shop and online.

Through her time of being a massage therapist, she has seen many different types of healings occur. Many are physical, but when one is searching for a cure to an ailment and the physical doesn’t seem to be helping- then Bridgetta looks deeper: the mind and spirit. The mind, body, spirit connection is the key to functional health and well being. This has nothing to do with any association to any religions. This is about you, your connection to yourself and your higher being.

​We are always learning on our life journeys, but she is proud to say how much Love, compassion, and mindfulness is who she is today and what she preaches. Her yoga background fluctuates from teaching Beginner Yoga, SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga), Meditative, Restorative, Power Vinyasa, Vinyasa Flow, CorePower Sculpt (Yoga with Weights), to teaching and empowering kids with Yogi Playhouse.

Also a Manduka Ambassador, Bridgetta travels around the US speaking to kids in the inner cities and spiritual expos around the country. She can be heard weekly on Monday mornings on her show, Soul Sisters Radio.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Yogi Playhouse (Kids 4-6)

    60 min | Family Garden

    Focus: Yoga is Fun and Helps Me Relax!

    *Helping children learn coordination, focus, compassion, mindfulness.​​
    *Letting the students use play on words/meanings, etc.
    *Finding stories/make-up stories that relate to today’s music/current events/movies/and to some of their daily habits and cultures.
    *Using simple stories and adventures to understand the alignment of the body and spirit like songs, games, toys, books, etc.
    *Developing breathing and calming techniques to aid them through the day.
    *Learning healthy habits including hygiene, nutrition, helping others, facing and controlling emotions.
    *Helping them focus and evaluate want vs need, inclusion vs exclusion, internal vs external.
    *Learning through games, discussion stories, reflection, and asana

  • Yogi Playhouse (Kids 7-10)

    60 min | Family Garden

    Focus: Yoga is Fun and Helps Me Relax!

    Themes to be included are: Learning how to breathe, reflecting inside, how to calm down and be positive, learning emotions: what they are and how to feel through them to balance ourselve and help others, finding peace: friendliness towards the happy, compassion towards the unhappy, telling the truth in a nice way, indifference towards the mean, friends/the power of choice, learning from the wise, food as energy, respect for all things, being content yet exploring, cleaning up after ourselves, how to deal with jealousy/anger/frustration/sad/other emotions and how they effect others
    Helping children learn coordination, focus, compassion, mindfulness.​​

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