Caspar Poyck

Caspar was 4 years old when his father had a full body burnout. He was just 29 years old and his corporate job had proven to be too stressful. His doctors told him: “Your body is fine. This is a physical expression of something psychological. This is from stress.”

We are all born with a natural understanding that our body and mind are connected. We know that when we get scared, we may get a stomachache. We know that when we’re hungry, we get hangry. We know our emotions affect our body and that our body affects our mind/emotion.

•Ever wonder why people who start dieting often yo-yo ?
•Do you wonder why people who do fad diets and cleanses end up with it as a lifestyle ?
•Why is it that many people who focus on changing the foods they eat to avoid an allergic reaction often actually become allergic to more foods ?

As a Digestive Therapist, Caspar has a scientific understanding of how and why our emotions drive autonomic functions like hormone secretion, digestive response and allergic reactions and also how our moods, subconsciously, affect our relationship to eating.

HOW we eat may be more important than WHAT we eat !

Eating healthy foods is important but there is no amount of kale you can eat that will off-set the damage you do to your body by stressing over kale.

These workshops are about BALANCE IN ALL THINGS and they are meant for everyone who eats.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Play with Your Food!

    75 min | Family Garden

    This is a workshop for the whole family. Filled with fun hands-on experiments we learn why we have to chew our food (where is the last place you have teeth ?), how the colors of our plates affect how much we eat, why eating together is so important (it has to do with oxytcin and bonding), how you can help your kids or spouse be less picky eaters and much more.

  • The Undernourished Life

    90 min | Lucid University

    When our lives feel empty, we may fill it with objects, jobtitles or food. When we feel our lives are out of control, we may obsess over what we eat, when and how much. When we feel threatened by our lives, our immune system wants to protect us. If the anxiety is too high it may affect sensitivities and allergies.

    We live in a time of relative abundance, of health, prosperity and safety yet our society is hooked on anti-anxiety medication, anti-depressants, food and diets.

    In this workshop we explore how diets and nutrition might help us in some ways but can also open Pandora's boxes.
    What if HOW we eat is more important than WHAT we eat ?


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