Conceiving Ecotopian Futures

Sacred Reinhabitation of Gaia – The New Human Story

In Berkeley, in 1975, a sci-fi future novel series was created by Ernest Callenbach, called “Ecotopia”. After a nuclear power plant incident, the bioregion of the Pacific Northwest embarked on a new direction for the future. It consisted of solar power, free high speed bullet train transit, biodegradable modular tin homes, sustainably grown food and forest products. This Ecotopian panel will explore the ideas behind this epic series with a visionary story about the west coast seceding from the American machine in order to establish a survivable culture based on ecological alignment.

This will include an overview of 35 years of researching visionary architecture and city designs culminating in an original synthesis of these concepts “Terraquaforming” – Using large scale terraforming techniques to create lakes and waterways to be incorporated into eco-village and eco-city design and construction. This discussion will include an exploration into the work of:

  • Buckminster Fuller: Synergetics, Design Science Revolution
  • Paolo Soleri: Arcology: Architecture & Ecology
  • Bruno Tout: Alpine Architecture
  • William Katavolos: Organic Architecture
  • John Michel: New View over Atlantis, Dimensions of Paradise
  • Glen Small: Biomorphic Biosphere
  • Berg: Planet Drum
  • Richard Register: Urban Ecology, EcoCity Builder
  • Ian McHarg: Design With Nature
  • Eugene Tsui: Evolutionary Architecture: Nature as a Basis for Design
  • Mitchell Jaochim: Terreform
  • Transition Town
  • Ringing Cedars of Russia
  • New Earth Nation: Bio Architecture Communities

This panel will feature:

More panelist will be added as they confirm.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Conceiving Ecotopian Futures

    90 min | Lucid University

    This is a visionary panel of speakers. In addition, you may want to attend some of the panelists' individual workshops and presentations.

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