Cynthia Tina & Nicholas Joyce

Cynthia and Nicholas are systems designers – catalyzing people, places, and ideas towards a regenerative future. They have visited 100+ impact centers across four continents. As global consultants, they offer resiliency to communities, businesses, and non-profits. Cynthia supports with branding, marketing and fundraising. Nicholas’ strength is in strategy and alliance building. Both regularly offer workshops, facilitation and coaching sessions. Their years of synergy have culminated in the creation of Holon.Earth, a collaborative learning platform, connecting people and ideas for global transformation.

Cynthia and Nicholas are centrally involved with several networking organizations, such as NuMundo, Global Ecovillage Network, and Fellowship for Intentional Community. As co-founders of NextGENNA, they engage young people in the ecovillage movement and produce the annual Youth Ecovillage Summit. In 2015, they produced volunteer trips to InTerraTree, a cross-cultural and sustainability education center in Togo, West Africa. In 2016, they applied system solutions to their home city of Asheville, NC, USA through collaborative events and community organizing.
Nick holds a BBA in Management and Spiral Dynamics Integral Level 1 Certificate. Cynthia holds a BA degree in Sustainability from Goddard College. Both hold Permaculture & Ecovillage Design Certificates. Learn more at and

Workshops & Presentations

  • Practical Stuff for Hippies

    90 min | Lucid University

    You want to change the world. Congratulations! Your vision is amazing, really. And it will change the world... if you have a little strategy, get the right amount of funding, market your project effectively, build alliances and organize your team - everything possible. This is your crash course on how to do it all. But not from the cut-throat, competitive, old paradigm way of doing “business as usual.” This is a how-to for action, coming from the New Story.

    This session will be a blend of anecdotes, tips and real-world examples. Based on the group’s interest, some topics we can cover are:
    - Steps for taking your idea from pipe-dream to reality
    - Growth hacking strategy (starting from zero $)
    - New paradigm fundraising, governance, & marketing
    - Best practices to avoid burnout (because that doesn’t help anyone!)

    Come with your vision and a notebook. Follow up consultations available by request.

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