Dr. John Carroll

John is a naturalist, botanist, and a wetland scientist, working for a First Nation Tribe in Washington State. He is active in maintaining ecological awareness for all environmental concerns thru growing and planting native species in critical habitat areas. Salmon recovery is a prime concern for John and feels this will become increasingly important as urban encroachment continues to develop wildlands and woodlands.  Our environment is sacred and all kindred spirits need to come to her rescue. We can begin to repair her through meditation and active participation. Simple activities like collecting and planting native seeds will reverse the effects of excessive carbon footprints and begin the healing process.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Natures Plan: The Healing Cycle of Native Plants

    60 min | Lucid University

    The healing of our planet starts with repairing the native environment. Healthy surroundings promote healing and good energies. We can begin this ephemeral process through conscious inclusion into the web of living things, connecting and actively meditating to understand and find enlightenment. I will discuss how we can develop the processes needed to gain understanding and then formulate a plan of action to begin the repair and rejuvenation of our environment.

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