Dr. Krikor Andonian

Dr. Krikor Andonian is a plant ecologist, herbalist, and an instructor at UC Santa Cruz.  His interests and expertise vary broadly and include: ecology, invasive species, evolution, human history, cultural evolution, medicinal plants, environmental science, sustainability, and re-wilding.  He has taught at UC Santa Cruz, CSU Monterey Bay, De Anza College, and UC Berkeley Extension and he is equally at home in the lecture halls, in the field, or giving workshops at festivals.  His goals are to raise awareness of the natural world, our connection to it, and our ancestral origins through the use of science and inquiry.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Conscious Evolution: What we inherited from our ancient ancestors and how we can direct our future evolution.

    60 min | Nomads’ Nook

    How did humans evolve to have such unique culture and self-aware consciousness? How has human culture been evolving over time and when in our ancestry did spirituality appear? How can the blessings that we inherited from our ancestors constrain our current and future potential? And how can we move to the next level of our potential. Together in this workshop we will go back in time and uncover the biological and cultural processes that led to the current human state of affairs and also develop the tools to aid in next major cultural shift, our Conscious Evolution.

  • Re-Wilding Workshop: Deepening Our Connection with Nature Through Natural Science and Plant Identification.

    30 min | Lucid University

    Science and spirituality are often at opposite ends of the spectrum, but can our spirituality be heightened by knowledge of natural science? By deepening our understanding the species and ecological interactions that shape the ecosystems around us, we may also deepen our connection to nature and the creatures we share our world with. The goal of this this Re-Wilding workshop is to develop some of the skills that were once common in all of our ancestors. We will explore the natural history of the the surrounding lands, learn how to identify some important edible and medicinal plants, and study how the indigenous peoples used local plants. We will also get to sample some locally wildcrafted extracts from the region and discuss how to make your own medicine from local plants.

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