Emile Janse

Emile Janse is a sound healer that specializes in using the didgeridoo, handpan, and vocal overtones; particularly throatsinging. After playing piano and guitar for most of his childhood, Emile was struck by the flowing peacefulness induced by the Native American Flute. For two years, Emile climbed the tallest redwoods in Santa Cruz to play flutes in the trees. He came across the didgeridoo and Tuvan-Throatsinging which deepened his appreciation for ancient sounds used by tribespeople and nomads. Emile performs and holds sound healing meditations around California using voice, didgeridoo, handpan, and flute.

Emile practices bringing high vibration sounds to as many beings as possible. He gathers people to explore group vocal intonation – the practice of using voice together intuitively. Using sound in this way with simple guidance and a workshop container gives us the opportunity to have deep emotional healing, or experience high energetic states of peace and awareness. Emile finds that toning in groups creates a profound, sometimes transcendent, feeling of connection and Oneness.

He is joined by Carlos Aparicio and together they host events as The Human Light Ship. Carlos has been a student of Mayan frequency healing for the last seven years via his family lineage. He has created a form of sound healing he calls Soul-Singing. In Soul-Singing, Carlos observes the energy of people around him and reflects it as sound that has no basis in language, but is deeply embedded in the structure of existence and creation itself.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Group Resonance for Healing and Empowerment

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    We will work with our own voices to create huge energy vortexes. Through group and individual exercises that build on each other, Emile and Carlos will guide us into experiencing the infinite amount of energy available when we vibrate sound. The voice is a powerful activator and processor of emotional, mental, and physical states; as well as one of our best meditation tools. We will going over simple techniques to isolate and observe how specific tones affect the body, and then explore the profound potential of our sound together as a group. Come to activate and move energy within the body + personal energy field. In this workshop you will experience how the vibrations of groups assist our healing journey, propelling us into new heights of joy, connection, love, and vitality.

  • Overtone and Throatsinging Workshop

    75 min | Healing Sanctuary

    Emile Janse, throatsinging teacher and performer, is an accomplished overtone singer. Six years ago, in a book about near death experiences, he read about a woman who heard sounds on the other side so beautiful, the only thing she could begin comparing them to is the Mongolian Hoomii Singing.

    Overtone or harmonic singing, as practiced by the Mongolians and Tuvans, is most commonly known in the west as "Tuvan Throatsinging". To do this, one isolates and draws out natural harmonics in the voice. In Tuva and Mongolia, ovetone singing is done to harmonize and channel the power of nature that the nomads feel. Know that everyone can overtone sing, and no prior singing experience is necessary. In this workshop, you will learn to hear harmonics of your own voice, and how you can sing in overtones; sounds so beautiful they are heard in heaven.

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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