Festival-Inspired Land Stewardship

This is a visionary panel of speakers. Detailed description below.


Jonah Hass (Lucidity Festival, Lucid University, Trillium)


Jamaica Stevens (Reinhabiting the Village, Lucid University)
Alison Hensley (Lucidity Festival, Lucid University, Trillium)
Zac Cirivello (Burning Man, Fly Ranch)
Gunnar Lovelace (Thrive Market, Ecotopia)
Nick Joyce (NuMundo)
Cynthia Tina (NuMundo)

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Future of Festival Inspired Land Stewardship

    90 min | Lucid University

    We've seen a recent proliferation of transformational festivals embarking on ambitious land stewardship projects. This panel brings together international leaders within this movement, and seeks to illuminate emerging patterns, shared challenges and inspirations, and the various visions of the future. This panel is meant to inform the Lucidity audience about different lifeways, alternative education, and models of regenerative community beyond what our society tells us is possible.

    We look forward to engaging with you in the future!


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