Gabrielle believes in harnessing the transformative power of the arts to unleash global change. She is a professional arts facilitator and practitioner in Los Angeles who has been working in the mediums of activist theater and poetry for the last five years. She holds an honors degree in World Arts and Cultures with minors in Arts Activism, Arts Education, and Civic Engagement. Gabrielle is humbled to facilitate workshops that connect participants to their Creative Genius and Holy selves. In doing so, participants harmonize with the divinity of all life surrounding them and are able to imagine new ways of being in the world: balancing communal unity with empowered action. She believes firmly that everyone is an artist, and that art is essential to the human experience: both as a means of expression and as a catalyst for positive change.

Gabrielle’s work has been featured in research journals, radio shows, and public health summits nationwide. She is honored to bring the teachings of her forebears and community to Lucidity.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Art as Healing and Revolutionary Self-Care

    75 min | Lucid University

    In this trauma-informed workshop, participants will engage with artistic practices as a way to heal from emotional scarring. Grounded in the healing of the root chakra—the first chakra and the one responsible for your sense of safety and security—these experiences are designed to help you rebuild trust in yourself and stability in your life. Through poetic writing exercises and community-building activities, you will find new ways to connect to stability. Caring for yourself is revolutionary, come make art with us!

    As Audre Lorde says, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

    * Please wear something you feel comfortable moving in *

  • Tools of the Revolution! Activist Theater 101

    75 min | Goddess Grove

    Empower yourself! Get activated! In this workshop, participants will use theater-based activities to deconstruct unjust social hierarchies. Through play and exploration, participants will use their creativity to reimagine their communities as equanimous playgrounds for social revolution. This workshop is designed for liberating discussion and maximum fun! You are the change you want to see!

    * Please wear something you feel comfortable moving in *


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