Gabrielle & Raj Sundra

A couple for over a decade, and together nearly 24-7, Gaby and Raj Sundra run two businesses together and STILL enjoy a playful, peaceful, passionate relationship that despite starting off super messy, just keeps getting better and better.

What’s refreshingly different about their relationship “work” is that they are fun, funny and forward focused. No need to be so significant and serious or to dissect or over analyze relationship problems anymore! 

They had some pretty dark, tough, looooong days early on, but they did the reading, workshops and therapy until they figured it out and discovered simple and practical tips tools and techniques for what makes relationships soar rather than sink.

Gaby’s highest values are fun, growth and contribution. She’s a life-long learner and has a Masters degree in Education, Counseling & Guidance. She helps turn impossible dreams into awesome realities. One of her favorite expressions is “Pigs CAN fly!”

Raj values intention, vision and continuous improvement. Known as the “Energizer Bunny of transformation”, his thirst for knowledge that makes a difference has led him to a Master’s Degree from Cornell, personal development like Landmark Education, and endless research in books, workshops and beyond. His motto is “Let’s do this!”

Together they support and celebrate couples in disrupting the default in relationship and instead inspiring a relationship designed for delight. They help couples “Keep the Fights Clean and the Sex Dirty and “Save being nasty for their sex life”.

Workshops & Presentations

  • 3 Key Communication Skills to Kill Conflict & Create Connection

    60 min | Goddess Grove

    Are You Walking On Eggshells?

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could speak freely and not have to worry about setting off a fight?
    How might your relationship benefit if you could send even a difficult communication clearly with calm and compassion?
    Do you think it might help if you knew how to receive a difficult communication completely?
    What if you had facility in playing a “game” for making and meeting each other’s requests?
    What would it be worth to you if you could put an end to nagging, blaming, shaming complaining and criticizing in your relationship?

    Learn this count-on-able communication tool as well as a handful of other quick simple tips you can apply in the heat of an argument.

    SEND/CLEAR: Get Intentional to Get Heard
    RECEIVE/COMPLETE: Give Them the Gift of “Getting Them”
    PLAY/CREATE: (the Request Game): Get On “GO-ST”

  • How to Keep the Fights Clean The Sex Dirty: 6 Simple Steps to Turn Complaints into Contentment

    60 min | Goddess Grove

    Most people know they need to be intentional about exercise, their cars, jobs, kids, etc. But somehow those same people think their relationship should be an overflowing fountain of support and sexiness without much foundation building, conflict resolution or intimacy maintenance!

    You don’t have to invest your attention in your relationship, but if you don’t, then at some point, your relationship will demand your attention of you later, usually in the form of a fight and often at the demand time possible.

    What you water grows. So turn off the autopilot and turn on awesome!

    Join us for How to Keep the Fights Clean & The Sex Dirty: 6 Simple Steps to Turn Complaints into Contentment.


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