Ima Rose

Ima Rose has been described as “a tremendous channel for healing and activation.” Healer – Artist – Muse – Mystic – Mother – Catalyst – Her passion for metamorphic evolution and empowerment has been the driving force behind her life’s path and medicine journey.

From the tender age of 8, Ima has been questing and delving into the occult and Divine spiritual mysteries. Working in deep communion with nature and the elements, her guides and ascended ancestors as well as her own Divine Self, Ima has received profound wisdom, new modalities and the directive to share with the intention awakening the Imaginal Beings of this Earth.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Soul Garden Alchemy

    90 min | Goddess Grove

    Did you know you can access and interface with your subconscious easily and effortlessly to cultivate your dream life?! Anyone can do it! Using this beautifully simple, and profoundly powerful, technique you go straight to the source of deeply rooted traumas, invasive energy signatures, stuck emotions and dis-empowering patterns that can replicate throughout your lives. By harnessing the power of your mind, inner vision, and emotion you can reclaim your original innocence, transform any overgrown Soul Garden into one of resplendent magnificence and change your life for the better!

  • The Imaginal Awakening Process

    90 min | Lucid City

    Within today's modern caterpillar (consumer) culture, Imaginal Beings are emerging; Ones that carry new codes capable of healing and harmonizing with the Earth. The Imaginal Awakening Process is a Sacred Journey of Healing and Activation to Awaken the Imaginal Heart, Multi-dimensionality and Divine Embodiment.


Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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