James Kapicka & KristaLove Louise

James Kapicka is a yoga ambassador, event producer and community organizer with a passion for bringing people together to celebrate, learn and connect. He offers sacred ceremonies intended to facilitate personal growth and healing through the unconditionally giving of authentic self in a way that protects innocence and promotes creative play and expression. His classes, workshops, and events center on profound re-evolutionary change both within and in how we exist in society and in our relationship with Mother Earth. Through sincere and heartfelt expression, James creates an environment that empowers students to stay in their integrity, trust their intuition and listen to their heart.

KristaLove Louise is a community organizer, yoga ambassador, writer, performance artist and workshop facilitator whose offerings focus on consent and conscious relationships, empowerment through creative-Free-expression, and holistic diet & lifestyle. She writes about intimacy, sex, relationships and spiritual musings, and captures the journey of HomeFreeYogis twice monthly in blogs. Krista loves exploring nature’s beauty, expressing freedom on the dance floor, collaborating with inspired creators, awakening her Spirit on her mat, riding her bike, and cooking wholesome food to share.

James & KristaLove, HomeFreeYogis, enjoy collaborating on efforts like festival production, yoga ceremony, yin yoga massage and yoga teacher trainings. They advocate for a joyful life of meaning and purpose, celebration and growth!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Connect ~ Yin Yoga Massage with Steel Tongue Drum Soundbath

    90 min | Lucid University

    Deepen your energetic awareness through breath connection, partner yin yoga and Thai Yoga massage. Join James & KristaLove to confidently and intuitively connect with others using compassionate touch, witnessing and active listening. Drop into your own inner ambient soundscape through Jamesun's sound healing looping, featuring steel tongue drums, voice, guitar and other tools of sonic joy.

    Come experience the bliss of being in service through the healing act of conscious contact. This open-hearted practice of giving and receiving is an offering of presence and acceptance. Together we co-create a safe environment and cultivate trust by seeing and supporting the goodness in one another.


Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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