Jamesun is a musician and creator of alternative handpan instruments that he calls Genius Drums. Drawing on his experience as an energy healer and visual artist, Jamesun has crafts sound healing vessels that encourage anyone’s inner artist to shine through intuitive musical expression. He tithes a portion of his creations to pro-bono music therapy endeavors (like schools and mental health clinics) and is working on seeding a nonprofit to create these steel tongue drums and spread sound healing and music therapy into such spaces.


Jameson is stoked to bring these offerings after years of service in festival healing sanctuaries as a bodyworker, energy healer, and Qi Gong facilitator. As an avid student of William Blake, he sees creative expression as one of the most potent forms of medicine to heal the imbalances in our society today.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Steel Tongue Drum Symphony

    30 min | Family Garden

    In this playshop we're going to drop into a giant sound healing jam session of sorts with the musical magic of steel tongue drums, which are instruments in the handpan family. No prior musical experience is necessary, just a desire to synchronize song with communal expression.

    This will be lightly facilitated by Jamesun, who makes these vessels himself and designed the musical Altars of Genius scattered throughout Lucidity.

  • Steel Tongue Drum Soundbath

    30 min | Lucid University

    Come drop into your own inner ambient soundscape through Jamesun's sound healing looping, featuring steel tongue drums, voice, guitar, and other tools of sonic joy.

Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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