Jenn Parma

Jenn Parma is a divine goddess, a healer, a student and teacher of the powerful practice of yoga.  She has studied with many amazing yoga teachers and healers and has completed over 1200 hours of yoga teacher trainings.  Yoga changed her life and taught her to truly love herself, love her every changing physical body, emotional body, energetic body and her spirit.  She has the desire to share the magic of this practice with everyBody.  Her classes will always be lead from a place of total presence with the gift of bringing you into a place of inner peace and gratitude.  She offers energy work, chakra balancing. and aromatherapy healing sessions.  She loves to bring in the healing vibrations of sound into her classes and healing sessions with crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, and chimes.  She also leads Goddess Embodiment circles, which bring women together to learn about the many forms the goddess takes on, how we can embody the qualities of a certain goddess and learn to see them within ourselves and each other.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Goddess Embodiment

    75 min | Goddess Grove

    Goddess Embodiment is a beautiful, sacred space for women to come together in complete authenticity. We will learn about the many forms of the goddess, her ever changing face and how we hold each goddess within us. We will learn how to call in and embody certain goddess's though ritual, chants, adorning ourselves (clothing colors, fabrics, jewelry, accessories), what stones/crystals and much more. We will mediate on the goddess, move like the goddess and mirror each other as the goddess. YOU ARE THE GODDESS!

Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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