Jenna Tico

Jenna is a ninth-generation Santa Barbara native and full-time storyteller. She got her start as a firebird on the Summer Solstice stage in 1993, and has been disrupting public spaces ever since. Jenna graduated from Scripps College in 2012, where she was introduced to Contact Improvisation, and began a 3-year journey of teaching and performing all over the world. While living in Berkeley, she completed Interchange Counseling Institute’s yearlong training, and deepened her faith in the intersection between movement and the written word as a means for transformation. Jenna took this inspiration (quite literally) home while choreographing Hair at SBHS in May 2016; which inspired her, along with other local artists, to start intergenerational arts and nature-based collaborative TOTEM. Jenna is, among many other things, a grand/daughter, flash-mobber, hiker, traveler, writer, and friend. This is her 4th year attending Lucidity and 3rd year collaborating, and she is elated to be back with her family. Jenna is also a regular collaborator with Lucidity Festival, SBCAST, and World Dance for Humanity, and has been featured by Hostelling International, PechaKucha 20×20, Real Simple, Passwords, and The Manifest-Station. She also authored Art Fisher’s Santa Barbara Summer Solstice in 2014.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Moving Meditations

    30 min | Lucid University

    TOTEM is a Santa Barbara-based arts collaborative that focuses on integrating wilderness skills into the arts, taking a holistic approach to education that nurtures mind, body, and spirit through creative engagement with the seasons. This workshop will serve as an introduction to the interdisciplinary TOTEM style, which incorporates improvisational dance, authentic relating games, spoken word, rhythm, theatre, and much more to break down barriers and build joy. Expect a good laugh, and to walk away feeling inspired to begin your next adventure... anywhere. All ages, abilities, and experience levels welcome! For more info, visit


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