Joseph Jacques & Alpha Lo

Joseph J. Jacques is a Social Architect, Event Producer, MC, Facilitator, and Humanitarian who has spent 20 years studying personal transformation and human potential.  His life’s purpose has been to provide platforms for humanity to see, know and heal itself in profound ways.

Through his career, Joseph, has cultivated an advisory circle to be proud of, which includes Human Potential leaders such as Jean Houston, Arnold Mindell, James O’Dea, Anodea Judith and renowned economist Hazel Henderson.

In 2005, Joseph, Co- founded his main organization: “Harmonic Humanity”, a Master Context from which he provides Employment, Education and Counseling for the homeless.  He’s currently working with Jason Mraz, Maroon 5,  Michael Franti and Sarah McLachlan.

Alpha Lo is a social architect, facilitator, and cultural experimenter. He co-founded the community-building gift circle project which guides people to share their needs, and help each other in a gift economy manner. This project begun in 2009 has now spread to 20 countries. He and the gift circle are described in Charles Eisenstein’s “Sacred Economics” book. He is the co-author and co-editor of the award winning (Shareable’s book of year 2009) Open Collaboration Encyclopedia which surveys the variety of non-hierarchical and alternative economic social structures, organizations, and projects. His background is as a physicist where he studied complex self-organizing systems. He created the Facilitator Improv project which enables a group to co-facilitate itself, and emerge new behaviors.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Harmonic Humanity

    90 min | Lucid University

    This workshop is called: Harmonic Humanity. In 90min we'll discuss how to heal homeless all over the US by recruiting, humanitarians, Rock Stars, Human Potential leaders, along with a business and education model that is facilitated by an open collaboration process through non-profits, churches and kind heart'd people all over the US.

  • CAST: "Calling All Societal Truths" Social Theater

    90 min | Lucid University

    "What community needs today is a Social Theater that tells a new story of a world in transition", Jean Houston.

    This Social Theater workshop is hella fun, filled with role play theater exercises, silly trust games while equally exploring more dramatic life themes that unleash tight emotions and hardened beliefs that simply need a new perspective through the process of social theater. We all so discuss the important role of playing the role of the protagonist in this time while playing a supporting role for friends, family, earth, our global community, our soul, our many sided truths and more.

    In this Social Theater workshop Joseph Jacques and Alpha Lo facilitate groups through three super powers within the Social Theater model.

    1. The power of point of view
    2. The power of conflict
    3. The power of expression

  • The Good Game - A Game to Change the World for Good

    60 min | Lucid University

    This Good Game workshop teaches community leaders, change agents and tomorrow makers how to make a game out of doing good deeds for each other for points usable in your community for "REAL" services: yoga classes, guitar lessons, workshops, yard work, education, gardening and more. This work calls upon the master context of goodness and community involvement.


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