Justine Perrizo

Justine’s journey into yoga began over 10 years ago, while also exploring many movement and healing modalities. Two years ago, after a back injury she felt herself waking up to LOVE and Spirit. She was drawn more and more towards making Yoga a bigger part of her life. Through months of  physical therapy and a personal study of body mechanics she became very aware of the balancing and strengthening benefits of strength partnered with the freedom and spirituality of Yoga. Through her own healing, she has discovered great fulfillment and joy through helping others heal both spiritually and physically.

Justine recently completed a teacher training for resistance stretching at the Genius the Flexibility.  This type of stretching uses your own resistance to unlock dense connective and scar tissue and is combined with the science of Chinese medicine’s meridian systems. Justine also works with Chinese herbs and wholistic nutrition.
Justine is currently studying holotropic breathwork to trauma release movement.

Justine’s goal for her students experience is offering a time and place for you to tune in to listen to the natural wisdom of your body and your heart and to celebrate your inherent strength and freedom through a blend of guided active stretches, asana, and spontaneous movement.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Restore, Release & Breathe

    90 min | Lucid University

    Justine brings restorative yoga, trauma release practices, pranayama, and resistance stretching to help facilitate a deep physical and emotional release. Throughout the practice we will move and breathe through stagnation, scar tissue and patterns no longer serving us.

    With the body open she will lead a guided breathing meditation. Breathwork allows individuals to enter a deep state of self reflection, allowing them to identify and conquer their inner most traumas in a compassionate, safe and loving environment. This breathing technique will help release toxins and alkalize the body. Together these practices will help bring clarity, strength, and peace into your life!

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