Kandice of Holistic Hooping

Kandice, Founder of Holistic Hooping, has been committed to her mission of sharing ‘Personal Transformation through a Spirit-Centered HoopDance Practice’ since the inception of the modern hoopdance movement, 15 yrs ago!  Dubbed “Hoop Mama of the Healing Hoop”, she has taught and performed at numerous events and retreats around the ‘whirled’ for the last decade, sharing her Holistic Hoopology.

The root of Holistic Hooping’s FLOWology is the holistic perspective that mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected.  Inside the hoop, you can clear your mind and focus your energy, which will uplift your spirit and in turn, ‘amplify’ your healing intentions, therefore enhancing your overall well-being.  All healing is possible within the infinite possibilities of the empty innerspace of the hoop.  YOU are the center of the Singularity and everything spirals out from there.  Take your health and transformation into your own hands!
Holistic Hooping for personal and global transformation!

Come play with Kandice and her stellar team of Flowologists at their Holistic Hooping booth in the heART of the Flow Zone!  Come get your Shwirl on!


Workshops & Presentations

  • Twin Twisting HoopDance

    75 min | Lucid University

    Double your pleasure with TWO hoops!
    Join us for a special PlayShop, exploring what's possible with a Gemini Set of hoops. We will work with "on the body" and "off the body" movement combinations. Interweaving energies, creating sacred geometry patterns, focusing on transitions/ plane changes, while honing our spacial awareness and presentation to an audience.

    With Twins, one can become more ambidextrous; further bridging the neural connections between both sides of the brain, resulting in improved hand-eye coordination, and increased balance/ focus, while activating the brain's logical/ emotional, feminine/ masculine sides simultaneously.

    Some hooping experience is a must!
    Intermediate and Beginner Twin Hoopers are welcome!

    Bring your twins, and if you have extra, bring 'em to share!
    We will provide some sets for use and offer some for purchase.

    JOYfully facilitated by: Kandice Korves-Kaus of http://HolisticHooping.com

  • HoopDance FUNdamentals: Foundation and Flow

    75 min | Warriors Way

    Have you always wanted to try hooping, but just wasn't sure how to start?
    Have you tried hooping, but have been frustrated by constantly dropping the hoop that is just too small or lightweight for you?

    Come join us and learn Beginner HoopDance Fundamentals!
    We will help you choose the perfect sized hoop for your success and share with you several concepts essential to understanding your hoop's movement in relation to your body, while demonstrating and breaking down several moves that will offer you a strong Foundation.

    Discovering your own unique Flow, we will dive deeper into the spiral dance; exploring body positions, arm movements and even more creative expression possibilities through HoopDance.

    Bring your "I Can Do It" attitude and get ready to smile and have fun!

    JOYfully facilitated by: Kandice Korves-Kaus of http://HolisticHooping.com


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