Kim Doyle

Kim is a World Class International Movement, Meditation, and Manifestation Teacher. She has traveled the world, to study with traditional Yogis in the Himalayas, to study Thai massage in a remote village in Thailand, to study the power of Visualization at The Mayo Clinic, and to study Spiritual Hygiene and Maya Abdominal Massage with Maya Moon Healing Arts. She also races Downhill Mountain Bikes and teaches Ski-Biking!

Kim has been practicing the art of Manifestation for 19 years, has been practicing Yoga for the past 9 years, has been leading Retreats and teaching full-time for the past 4 years. This past summer Kim was chosen as “Denver’s Best Yoga Teacher” to teach Yoga on the Main Stage at Sonic Bloom backed by Soohan. She also manifested teaching a Yoga/Sacred Dance class at Burning Man with live music by Deya Dova, and a NYE Yoga/Scared Dance with ALIA; these were all dreams come true for Kim! She has several upcoming Retreats and Immersions including the Spiritual Permaculture Immersion “Embody Your AUM: Grounding Your Gifts in the New Paradigm” at Lucid University in 2018!

Her personal practice is beautiful to witness, weather in person, or on Instagram; only to be one-up-ed by the experience of being in her class and feeling her energy first hand. Her classes are designed to inspire each student to cultivate feelings of self- love, gratitude, support, balance, and Unity. The practice will integrate intention, breath, affirmations, asana, aromatherapy, creative visualizations, stress release, deep relaxation, and Loving Touch.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Envision. Embody. Evolve. ~ Authentic Connection through Yoga & Sacred Dance

    60 min | Lucid University

    Mindfully ~ Meditate, Move, & Manifest
    Yoga/Sacred Dance with Live DJ Set!

    This class is part Yoga, part Creative Visualization, and part Dance Party.
    You will be taken on a Journey of the Soul beginning in Stillness and ending in Ecstatic Dance.

    Kim Doyle of will guide you through a Meditation and Intention Setting practice, leading into progressive flowing Yoga movements, and moving seamlessly into a Sacred Dance Space of Authentic Connection. You will feel fully seen and supported by your brothers and sisters as they dance their prayers for you, and you dance your prayers for them.

    This class is designed to empower each person to become fully Embodied Gods and Goddesses. Only when we Embody our Highest Selves, then we can create the Highest Earth. By Being Ourselves, We Can Heal the World!

    Come get your Prana Flowing, Set Intentions, and Start the Festival off Right!


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