Kristen Rivers

Lifelong Educator and Youth Empowerment non profit founder of The Artemis Project,  Kristen Rivers shares her wisdom and passion for whole-hearted living by creating containers and experiences that foster more empathy and understanding within each of us.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Welcome to the Wild West of Dancefloor Politics

    120 min | Lucid University

    Have the best, most embodied and empowered interactions possible. Are you wondering exactly how to act with respect and consent in a way that isn't awkward or hard? Join us! We will demonstrate and practice real tools and techniques for clear and consensual communication on the dance floor and beyond!

    Set your Intention, Make your Plan, Go have fun! Ask someone to dance, refuse an invitation with grace, learn how to take No for an answer, Learn to find your yes!

    We will be especially keen to have some fun with some relating games and techniques to immediate employ. This class is for all genders and ages!

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