Leonsi Tripp

Leonsi tripp enjoys the honor of serving as the leader of the world’s only motorcycle Cannabis delivery club in San Francisco. Acting as a liaison between plant and patient, she facilitates guided first time experiences and works with individual and group of medical users to establish healthier and sustainable Cannabis practices for the benefit of the community. Her work as industry professional focuses on moving beyond medical and recreational to bring recognition to Cannabis as an ally for the continued evolution of human consciousness.

In an industry concerned with milligrams dabs and dollars, Tripp believes that the Cannabis lifestyle has the potential to expand consciousness and support planetary wellness.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Cultivating the Modern Stoner Identity: Reclaiming our Roots

    60 min | Trixsters’ Playground

    Modern Cannabis culture is more prevalent than ever, but where do we go from here? How do we move from the shadow of a prohibitionary era?
    Having arrived at the crossroads of transition and transformation, it becomes vital to reconnect to the timeless elements that are important to being human and nurturing togetherness, such as ancient tradition, ancestral practices, and conscious healing rituals that reconcile the wellness of the physical and spiritual body.

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