Lindsay Semilla

Lindsay Semilla has dedicated her life to regenerative design practices and a holistic lifestyle.  Studying with teachers in the areas of, Sustainable Design, Fine Art, Taoism, Meditation, and Yoga, she developed a diverse background of knowledge that allows her to bring whole systems solutions to the table. She is certified in Yoga Nidra and the Taoist arts.

Joseph Rolley has been assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over thirty years. He is co-creator of Laughter Sound MAGIC which combines the ancient wisdom of China, India and Egypt using frequency and voice to create powerful and lasting change. Joseph is an owner of a wellness center in Colorado called Yoga West Community and is host of Vibrant Wellness Radio with Dr. April Goggans

Workshops & Presentations

  • Initiation into Authentic Relating: Forgiving the Divine Masculine & Feminine

    90 min | Goddess Grove

    Profound intimacy cannot occur until we balance and heal the divine masculine and feminine. Pain, grief and loneliness are symptomatic of wounded feminine and masculine identities. What prevents intimacy? What is it that disconnects us from our parents, our children, our lovers, friends and colleagues? What is it that hinders a moment to moment flow of intimacy with life? Intimacy refers to honesty in interactions with all our relations. We will meet in Sacred Space: Masculine & Feminine, Shiva & Shakti, Isis & Osiris, Jesus & Mary Magdalene, You & Me, Him & Her. Come with a Spirit of Resolution. Come knowing that we have all experienced pain and suffering. Come knowing that we have all caused pain and suffering. Come to Forgive. Come to be Forgiven. Met in Loving Presence by the Embodiment of the Divine Masculine and Feminine, you will have the opportunity to authentically communicate your pain and suffering to them. You will be taken on a journey that fuses shamanic journey, sound healing, holotropic breathwork and self inquiry. Discover a profound level of intimacy by healing the divine masculine and feminine within.

    This will be an immersive experience with Lindsay Semilla & Kim Doyle.

  • New Social Architecture

    75 min | Lucid University

    Introducing new social architecture that is being co-created by global change agents. Many solutions people are using a 13 pointed Synergy Matrix as a facilitation tool. By aligning our work into 13 sectors we create synergistic relationships within all areas of the human experience. This work is not only to be done by only a small group of people. It is meant to be activated by entire communities, scalable to the global community. Participants will be familiarized with a new tool to collaboratively coordinate planetary transformation through a Global Transition Plan. The GTP is co-created, endorsed and supported by whole-systems thinkers and evolutionary organizations from all sectors.

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