Lotus Salvatore

Lotus Salvatore has been dancing and performing in flow arts for many years. She grew up in California and picked up poi and juggling at Humboldt State University with the Humboldt Circus. She studied bellydance with Azar in Mountain View and Shoshanna in Humboldt and after being inspired by Zoe Jakes in 2005, she picked up tribal fusion belly dance. She moved to Taiwan to experience another culture and travel the world and there she studied under Gina Chen with the Magic Wonderland dance company. She continued to fuse bellydance with flow arts and went on tour with the Free Love Circus from Paris to Budapest to EJC in Munich Germany. She performed contact ball with belly dance and enjoys innovating fan moves with belly dance. She worked for Atmosfire in Taiwan as a fire eater and fire belly dancer. She also ran a troupe the K-town Circus, teaching skills and choreographing shows. She has performed and taught at Bali Spirit festival with Dream Awake Circus and performed and taught at Bali Play twice. She taught kids Circus arts at a school in Ubud, Bali. She has also performed at Benbo festival, Northern Nights and High Sierra. She’s been studying yoga for 15 years from kundalini to acro yoga. She enjoys sharing these arts that have made her life so happy.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Kundalini Activation with Belly Dance & Fan Basics

    60 min | Lucid University

    This workshop will cover basics of belly dance such as chest locks, rolls, hip locks, omni, camel and basic egyptian. The class will start off with kundalini moves to activate chakras and warm up the dancer to their full potential. Continuing with fan basics such as spins, waving, weaving, thumb grips and more. Lotus will teach a short dance combo. The class will have a chance to experiment with playing with fans while dancing and some improv dancing.

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