Magnolia Rasak

Magnolia discovered yoga at the age of 16, and it was love at first class! She began teaching in 2002, and has traveled the world studying various forms of yoga and movement. Magnolia is drawn towards the innate wisdom held in the body which cultivates a deeper awareness between movement, breath, mind and heart. With her background in dance, gymnastics and yoga, her classes utilizes the physical as a means for deeper exploration into the subtle energies at play in our lives. Her studies have guided her throughout India, Thailand, Mexico, Bali, and the U.S. She is drawn to the practice yoga not only for the asana (physical) benefits, but for the greater way of life that yoga encompasses. Non-violence, compassion, awareness, mindfulness, acceptance, and connection to all Beings.

As a yoga instructor, Magnolia interweaves her background in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Tantra yoga along with ecstatic dance and 5 Rhythms into her teachings. She guides her students towards a state of physical strength, inner harmony, and self transformation through movement practices. She encourages her students to cultivate a deeper awareness of their physical body, while simultaneously expanding the awareness between mind, body and spirit.

Magnolia offers regular weekly classes in her hometown of Santa Cruz as well as workshops, retreats, festival classes and teacher trainings.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Anahata Flow + Live Music by KR3TURE

    75 min | Lucid University

    Anahata Flow is a deep and strong vinyasa class that invites you to slow down, tune in, and connect to our hearts. Anahata relates to the heart chakra, and translates to unhurt, unstruck, or unbeaten in Sanskrit. The qualities of Anahata invite us into a state of balance, harmony and peace. This practice of breath, asana, and moving meditation, start and return to the space of the heart. This class offers a balance of effort and ease, action and surrender. There is enough rush in the world, come to the mat to slow down, open up, and be moved into the space of the heart.

  • The Connected Dance Playshop

    75 min | Lucid University

    Come move, dance, play and connect in this guided movement workshop with Magnolia Rasak and Natalie Diane. You will drop into your bodies and move from a place of authenticity where you can meet yourself and others in a place of trust and curiosity. Magnolia and Natalie will guide you through dance play into your unique flowing and free expression of movement. Unlock your innate groove and get down!


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