Maya Zuckerman

Maya is a multiplatform producer, Culture Hacker and emerging technology aficionado who applies the power of transmedia to world-changing ideas.
She brings a wealth of experience from different media silos: visual effects, film, production, gaming, startups, product management and brand narrative.

Maya has worked with big feature films and on game cinematics such as “Ghostbusters” and “Star-Trek online” for companies such as Ubisoft, EA, Vivendi and Activision. She has also worked in product development for companies such as the Chopra Center, Harpo Productions and

In her current work work, Maya has developed and produced many labs and participatory events, for the media-tech, hardware, clean tech and smart city sectors. Her latest project is called Empathetic Coding – which looks at how we use empathy while developing technology.

Maya focuses on global narratives in the world and how they emerge in different subcultures. She has written about the New Human Story – our collective journey and is observing the need for a new human story to emerge for our times. She is writing a Sci-Fi trilogy, called Em’s Theory – we create our own reality and is hoping to launch the first comic book in 2017.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Guide to Being Human - Permaculture in Life Design

    90 min | Lucid University

    How do we use Permaculture 12 design framework to explore our own personal and collective growth? In this participatory conversation we will go through all 12 of the Permaculture design principles and frame them in our own personal and collective growth, moving from our Zone Zero to Zone Five. Bring yourselves and your explorative Minds!

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