Mayra Ortiz McCullough

Mayra McCullough, is Founder and President of Coach2Edify Foundation (C2E), an Oasis of Transformational Fitness.  C2E is a place where people come to learn how to unravel the mysteries of self-empowerment from the inside out.

Mayra is a Master Trainer and Body Integration Specialist. Body Integration is a holistic approach to fitness that integrates all components within ourselves, in order to become whole and connected to the world around us.

Following a highly successful six year tenure at the acclaimed world class gym Equinox, Mayra was inspired to dedicate her personal training practice towards empowering individuals to take full responsibility of their well-being in order to attain wholeness on a daily basis.

The systems that have emerged through C2E are designed to establish a culture of authentic and meaningful self-care DAILY, at HOME, FOREVER. This culture seeks to eliminate the constant stop and go patterns of truly loving oneself.  This approach to Body Integration seeks to allow our body’s innate regenerative qualities to emerge.

With programs for youth, seniors and parents, at Coach2Edify no one is left behind.  All learn how to care for the principle building blocks inherent to OURSELVES and the WORLD around us! With her team she fosters co-creative community building inspired by cutting edge businesses practices of emergent Purpose Economy and Conscious Commerce. She’s currently an Ambassador of Co-Creationwith Global Family.

Mayra and C2E embody the rapid evolution of our times.  Check us out at


Workshops & Presentations

  • Co-Creative Practices for Supernatural Production

    90 min | Lucid University

    This workshop is dedicated to tangible co-creative practices that will expand your gifts and powers like a Badass Super Hero! C2E’s Mayra McCullough, will facilitate the design of your own co-creative practice in order to tap into a state of Supernatural Production, that goes well beyond our typical ability to access support. Get a clearer understanding of the Resonant Field, the space between our heart-to-heart connections, where it ALL happens. You will have the opportunity to adopt specific practices of co-creation that can be applied immediately to your groups and projects. Enhance your ability to keep relations authentic and clear from strife and all the 'gunk' that blocks the way to your own dreams as well as the dream of the collective. Mayra has been an avid student of Barbara Marx Hubbard and the authors of The Co-Creator’s Handbook and founders of Hummingbird Community for the past 6 years.

  • Becoming a Homo-Luminous Beast with Animal Flow

    90 min | Warriors Way

    This workshop is dedicated to the development of strength and agility to manage one’s own bodyweight effortlessly. C2E’s Mayra McCullough, shares world renowned coach Mike Fitch's Animal Flow, a modality of movement designed to bring your fitness to a whole new level. Animal Flow integrates elements of Parkour, break dancing, and gymnastics in a freestyle flow. Learn a full Animal Flow routine that you will be able to master over the next few months. Adopt a practice that will eventually help you flow like a jaguar or a panther, in full mastery of your body and how it moves on the earth.
    Turn your workout into a playground you can share with others in a fun and engaging way. Match your conscious evolution mindset to your ability to move. Come and experience the potential our body has to move freely in the world.


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