Maz Karandish is a multi-instrumentalist with in depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Eastern musical traditions. Maz was raised with eastern music ranging from Persian traditional music to North Indian Classical Music (NICM). Sitar, Oud, Saz, Dilruba, Tar, and Ney are a few instruments that Maz utilizes to capture the heart and soul of Eastern music.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Eastern Music (Theory & Performance)

    60 min | Trixsters’ Playground

    This workshop will utilize the Indian Sitar, Persian Tar, Ancient Oud, and a few other instruments to explore the eastern musical traditions in terms of theory and practice. The attendants can expect to leave the workshop with significant knowledge about the way these musical traditions utilize instruments to convey emotion and meaning.

  • Mindfulness

    60 min | Lucid University

    A deep exploration into the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation as it is perceived from a lens of research and academia. The workshop will explore various experiential styles of meditation and further talk about how meditation is researched and applied in a clinical setting.

  • Healing and Therapy

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    Various aspects of talk therapy will be explored and I will draw from my own experience working as a clinical psychologist in Santa Barbara. The benefits and challenges of modern day therapy will be explored. The main portion of this workshop will revolve around a dialogue of "The role of the Healer" in modern times.


Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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