Nicholas Coolridge has been fascinated with movement since day one! He grew up playing soccer most of his youth but started discovering more of a passion for the free flowing artistic movements like Capoeira and Parkour. When first introduced to AcroYoga over 6 years ago he was immediately hooked. He has since taught at events such as Divine Play, Acro Love, and Lucidity. Nicholas has also made a name for himself as a top competitor on American Ninja Warrior and a well known movement artist on social media. Like any superhero, he goes by the alternate identity, ModernTarzan, when performing his amazing feats of agility and strength. Besides movement he also likes spending his time renovating VW campers, playing the piano, or fixing stuff.

Dana Arnold, like so many others, has fallen in love with Acro Yoga. Expanding on her 7 year yoga practice and high school cheer experience, Acro was the perfect combination of strength and partner trust. The connection, trust, and excitement that comes from this movement was something that she felt had been missing in her life. Now, she is very excited to teach and share the beauty and confidence it has brought out of her.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Acroyoga - Learning to Fly

    30 min | Lucid University

    Is one of your dreams to fly? Then get you feet add the ground with Acroyoga! You will learn not only the acrobatic side of this practice but also many fun partner exercises, stretches and therapeutics. We'll start with the basics and work our way up to the more technical movements. No previous experience needed but if you've done some acro before we will challenge you in new ways :) Get ready to find out why everyone raves about Acroyoga!

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