Nation of Vibration

Nation of Vibration (NOV) is a collective that works with the intersections of spirituality and social justice. NOV operates out of Los Angeles, CA and holds monthly full moon and new moon ceremonies, decolonization workshops, Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine healing circles, art as activism gatherings, and other important meet-ups throughout the city. In addition to their ceremonies and workshops, NOV works with local, grassroots organizations in different communities throughout LA to educate, organize, and bring unity and solidarity across movements and organizations. NOV realizes how crucial it is to truly develop our spiritual practices in relation to our fight for liberation and inspires others to understand the intrinsic and inherent connection between our own personal healing and well-being and the larger collective healing and liberation movements that are converging and intersecting in present times.  

Workshops & Presentations

  • Existing at the Intersections: Where Spirituality and Social Justice Meet

    60 min | Lucid University

    This workshop addresses issues of social, racial, and environmental justice and how they are inherently connected to spirituality and well-being. We will address issues of cultural appropriation and how we can remember indigenous ways and wisdom that honors tribal influences without erasing their stories of survival and resilience on the very land that we gather upon. Look no further than Standing Rock to see just how important it is to merge spirituality and activism as a means of healing ourselves, our relationships to one another, and the Earth at large. Although conversations about race, privilege, injustice, and oppression can be heavy, our goal is not to intimidate or overwhelm participants, but instead work with transmuting and transforming uncomfortable energies into ones of empathy, compassion, and collective action. Ultimately this workshop will empower participants to show up to our evolution as more informed, aware, and prepared warriors of love.


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