Paradox Pollack

Paradox Pollack is currently working in Hollywood as an actor, fight choreographer, stunt coordinator, producer and movement director. Paradox has worked directly with some of the biggest names in Hollywood including actors Robin Williams, Will Smith, Chris Hemsworth, and Tom Hiddleston, directors JJ Abrams and Kenneth Branagh, and legendary stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong.

Paradox has dedicated his entire life to create works of art, and evolve practices that serve humanity. Since 1990 Paradox has been a student and practitioner of the ancient Balinese ritual art of the Kecak (also known as the Monkey Chant) and has brought it to such diverse contexts as prisons, festivals, schools and business retreats. With this practice he has brought the wisdom of village ritual to a modern context and is very excited to share this with the Lucidity community again.

Workshops & Presentations

  • The Primal Voice: Balinese Monkey Chant

    90 min | Warriors Way

    The Balinese Monkey Chant as a tool for village building. The Kecak is a primal technology of the body, movement, the voice and the joyful participation of beings sending their dreams and life energy to the center of the circle. The Balinese use it to celebrate, bring community coherence and address the necessity of the village.

    There is nothing Paradox Pollack has found in his search through life that brings people to a more unified field of agreement and communion then this form. He is excited to share it and teach others the tools that it takes to share it with groups so that it can become a part of how we practice togetherness. Paradox will be sharing the chant and teaching the basic patterns with the intention of having others learn the practice and be able to conduct/facilitate their own circles.

  • Ritual of the Village & Call to Adventure - Balinese Monkey Chant Parade

    75 min | Trixsters’ Playground

    Join Paradox Pollack, Peaceful Ninjas, Shining Lion & the Peace Sticks tribe for this Balinese Monkey Chant Parade! This will be a participatory ritual of parading all through the Festival performing the Monkey Chant, recruiting the children of Family Garden and finishing in a place where many people can gather the chant together, creating dances and poetry enactments at the center of the pinecone formation of the chant. This experiential community-driven parade will culminate at the Lucid Stage for the Closing Ceremony.

  • COoperative INteraction

    75 min | Lucid University

    Come be a part of this instrument and tool building workshop for individuals who are creating world changing actions.


Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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