Priya Deepika

Priya Deepika is a Sound Healing practitioner, coach and consultant offering Vocal Sound Healing, Coaching and Workshops to open sonic pathways for creative and self-expression, emotional awareness and trauma release.  She also hosts, curates and perform at live events throughout Southern California with an amazing community of Sound Healers and Musicians who are devoted to the transformational power of Music and Sound. Since 2013, together with their community, Priya, her husband Jaymo have created Lovers Nest Village at Lucidity Festival. Priya is also the creator of Bhavana Sound Method, a Voice Yoga and sound healing system cultivating dynamics through the embodiment of our Voice.  Priya developed this system to support Professionals experiencing compassion fatigue so they could reconnect with their creative sensuality and replenish their vitality through Music, Yoga and their Voice. She works with music lovers of all backgrounds who are ready to open and empower their Voice. Priya currently works with professional speakers and performers to free their voice and harness the power of their performance to captivate any audience. In Spring of 2017, Priya is releasing her first solo-music project “Hear in My Heart”.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Creating the New Story- Sing to Heal our Ancestral Voice

    90 min | Healing Sanctuary

    Your Voice is a tool to transform stories that hold us back to an honoring of truths so we can move forward and rewrite the empowering story of our time. This workshop is a sound healing journey with your voice, mind, body and heart to discover the emotional frequency of unsettled pain and trauma that is ready to surface and heal. Through this transformational journey you will learn tools for your daily Sound practice to create psychic shield of protection and empower your voice for safe, conscious communication and self-expression. Bhavana Sound Method is a Yoga of the Voice system integrating practices of mindfulness, intention, asana (physical postures) and pranayama (breathwork) with a sound healing and musical approach. We practice with breath and sound, to open your listening, voice and and intuitive creative exploration.

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