Rabia Hayek

Rabia Hayek travels the globe teaching people how to use their breathing in ways they never have, in order to awaken Life Force like never before.   In 2006, Rabia had a powerful, global vision to unite 1 billion people to consciously breathe together on planet Earth and the online technology, Do As One, that he helped architect continues to be used to unite people in breathing as one at large scale events. He continues to share this power through a modality he calls Life Force Mastery, designed to have you breathing life force to awaken the superhero inside and unleash it to the world!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Life Force Mastery Elevation Blastoff

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    Out of all of the body's capabilities, the one most misunderstood has been breathing. As humanity awakens and greater human potentials are blossoming we have the opportunity to learn to awaken our breathing. Come raise your prana/chi/life force so that you last all night and all day on the power of the Sun! Let's clear out and recharge. Let's balance and boost as we breathe together as a tribe consciously.

  • Empower the Dragon, Fly the Wizard

    60 min | Family Garden

    Come play and discover the power of using your Life Force energy to awaken potentials in your body. More than a few ancient systems used the power of archetypes to conjure energy into the centered space inside themselves. Using our breathing to create a particular flow of energy we will use a technique that has you building more and more chi/prana/life force into your being and using that energy to empower the dragon and fly the wizard out into the world.

  • Sound Healing with Synchronous Breathflow Magic

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    Partnering in the space with one or more of the magnificent sound healing artists on the Lucidity board of sound wizards, we will ride the soundscapes of the gongs with our breathing and as a group we will breathe synchronously for an entire hour doing so. The pulsation of the One through the many, as we swim in the fields of sound using our delicious life force.


Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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