Rachel Simone Wilkins & Lavender Fields

Rachel’s unique and creative classes weave together the core centered refinement of Pilates, the intuitive movement of dance and the vigor of Ashtanga, with the nurturing and healing energy of restorative and Thai massage. Through thoughtfully choreographed sequencing, meditation and powerful breath work, she creates an open practice space that nurtures organic, spontaneous movement, somatic awareness and blissful embodiment. Inspired by her studies in philosophy and religion, dance and fine art, Rachel holds an accessible practice space that is at once meditative, invigorating, ecstatic and deeply transformative. Let yourself be moved.

Being trained in classical piano since age 4, Lavender Fields has been exposed to a wide variety of music throughout her life. Utilizing latest music production technologies and analog synthesizers, Lavender explores the realm sound with the intention of creating new and innovative musical genres. Self-taught in Ableton live, Lavender produces, mixes and masters all of her compositions while keeping her lyrics positive, empowering and uplifting. Lavender Fields brings a cosmic dance party by combining the elements of electronic, dub, bass, grime, reggae, classical and experimental music!

Workshops & Presentations

  • Intuitive Flow

    60 min | Lucid University

    Intuitive Flow is a fully embodied practice that nurtures creative self-expression, self-exploration and self-healing, freeing the body from the habitual by moving spontaneously. In this open practice we will tap into the flow of somatic sensations and subtle energetic currents, letting the innate knowledge of the body and the breath guide us deeper into the flow. We will explore organic movement, meditation, mantra, mudra vinyasa and powerful breath work, woven together to connect us with the Source held within, the Mover behind the movement.

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