The Riley Rainbow Family Circus

Back again for another epic adventure through space and time ~ The Riley Rainbow Family Circus brings to us a message of hope and FULL FAMILY THRIVAL. With their interactive, educational Circus of magic, movement, song and dance ~ they will inspire young and old.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Find the Flow ~

    60 min | Family Garden

    Jai Riley first takes his participants on a journey through martial arts poses, creating a warm-up and stretch that invokes the individual's dramatic passion and flair for this flow art. Jai will facilitate three basic staff movements culminating in a safe and fun activity that all can enjoy. ages 8 -12 at the end of the play shop participants will have the opportunity to purchase their own staff!

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  • Inner Goddess Dance ~ For Beginner Priestesses ~

    60 min | Family Garden

    Isabella Riley will first warm up her participants in a fun and active way by engaging their inner dancer. After warm-up and stretch, she will facilitate four moves that will allow everyone to activate in a dance all their own.​​ ages 4-8
    At the end of the play shop participants will have the opportunity to purchase their own jingle belt!

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  • Coming into our Blood Time

    60 min | Family Garden

    Join Isabella Riley as she creates a safe space for young women to share stories, ask questions, and learn about their Sacred journey towards Maiden in this age today. Isabella explains how a woman's blood time is more than just a "physical" experience, and represents our Blessed connection to each other, the cosmos, and balance in ourselves to "contact" the womb grid and access Sacred wisdom from our awakening intuition.
    topics covered ~ phases of the moon ~ when women bleed ~ why women bleed ~ words we use to talk about our blood time and why ~

    Isabella takes from her past year apprenticeship in midwifery, her 5 years spent in the Red Tent and her calm sweet confidant nature to communicate with sistars her own age to promote self awareness, self confidence and Unity amongst young women ages 9-13.


Festival Locations:

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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