Rono & Sierra

Rono & Sierra are often described as a dynamic duo and transformational force who have dedicated their life’s work to supporting women & couples in awakening their highest potential and realigning their north star to create greater success in life, love and spirituality.

Sharing over 30 years of adventure together as friends, business partners, lovers, husband and wife, change agents, ceremony facilitators, pleasure provocateurs and ambassadors of fun, Rono & Sierra help their clients transform struggle, exhaustion and stress into flow, ease and the ability to effortlessly magnetize and manifest what they truly desire in life.

Using their diverse knowledge, deep intuitive gifts and real life experiences, they offer a plethora of programs and live experiences through their company, Life Stylized; a bi-coastal based personal development company focused on lifestyle design, sacred ceremony and empowerment mentoring for women and couples.

Learn more about Rono & Sierra and their many offerings at or learn some juicy tips for creating Hot Sexy Love for life at

Workshops & Presentations

  • Tame Your Inner Critic

    120 min | Goddess Grove

    Stop being held back by the negative voices in your head. Learn to develop an empowering relationship with them that propels you to your greatness. The key to taming your inner critic is to develop a relationship and understanding of what your critic is actually trying to tell you.
    • Become more confident in going after what you want and desire.
    • Experience increased self-esteem and self-worth.
    • Stop getting into silly, nit-picky fights with those you care about.
    • Cut down on precious time & energy loss due to emotional outbursts, pity parties, meltdowns or temper tantrums.
    • Gain a new context for communication when you are feeling hurt in your relationships.
    • Learn how to recognize but not personalize upsets & stressors.
    • Be able to heal old hurts in record time.
    • Stop taking feedback or criticism personally.
    • Enjoy more honest relationships.

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