Sacradance (Jerad Hobaugh) is a media creative based in southern California. While pursuing his main passions of outdoor adventure sports, and filmmaking, he became inspired by the rising conscious culture. Transformational festivals have sparked a true renaissance that seeks to build a bridge to the new paradigm. Through this new culture, Jerad began working with Elevate Films, and was introduced to the concept of medicinal media – an antidote to the prominent fear-based narrative, and misdirection of our society. Jerad’s projects now focus on how we, as humans, can live in our true inheritance – with full agency and connection to our mind, body, and spirit. Currently, Jerad is working to curate music that helps people reach flow states, for a transcendent experience, through ecstatic dance.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ecstatic Dance

    90 min | Lucid University

    A journey exploring waves of energy and emotion through sacred dance and movement. SACRADANCE curates the best world bass, futuristic IDM, textural glitch, melodic breaks, temple/love step, tribal, and even ceremonial medicine songs. Sacra: from Latin origin, means "sacred matters", which were transactions relating to sacrifice and prayer. Through dance, it’s possible to become an open vessel for Spirit to flow - guiding us as a catalyst for evolution.

    Music is Medicine, especially when played with a natural ebb and flow. SACRADANCE creates soundscapes that embody the cyclic rhythm of life. The attraction to these soundscapes is a visceral experience - deep inward exploration. Ecstatic dance is a container for beautiful connection, within and without. In these changing times, we need sacred space to gather with the shared intention to uplift and inspire one another with authentic expression. Let’s create it together

Festival Locations:

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