Saphir Lewis

After 30 years producing gatherings and working closely with individuals to assist in their spiritual growth, Saphir Lewis introduces Attunement skills (practical Quantum Physics) for creating the world we long to live in. Simple exercises anyone can do, help you to become a strong “tuning fork” that influences everything around you, at the same time attracting the things you want to manifest. You’ll get a better understanding of the Quantum Field, how it works, and how you function within it.

These teachings began just a few years ago. One day, at a point of great frustration, she cried out to Creation, “No! The fighting and despair is all wrong! I know we can work together and create a beautiful world. Help me! Teach me how!”  And so began intensive teachings. Great guides explained simple steps that can make big shifts for the individual, for humanity. They showed her the immense support system that is so ready to assist us at any moment. They taught basic principles of Quantum Physics, simple science so we can understand our true role as creative beings in a co-created world. Anyone can benefit from these teachings. Attuning will improve your relationships, your health, your happiness, your vitality.

Saphir is the founder of Festival Fire, an online portal for the transformational festival community, and she curates an online store –, featuring over 50 of our festival fashion designers.

Workshops & Presentations

  • You & The Quantum Field

    90 min | Lucid University

    Attunement for Personal and Planetary Manifestation
    The Quantum Field is a swirling mass of light and energy, unfolding new each moment. We humans are actually designed to be a creative force within it, directing its flow. This class will give you a deeper understanding of how the Quantum Field works, and introduce you to the vast array of tools you were given to work within it. You'll learn Attunement skills that will align you with the Quantum frequency, so that you can become both a powerful magnet and a radiant beacon for creating the world you want to live in, in both your personal life and in the creation of our emerging global village.

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