Shining Lion

Musician, Teacher, Speaker, Peace Maker, Healer, Visionary, Wisdom Keeper. Shine and the Peace Sticks Tribe lead workshops in personal transformation, and world Peace Ceremonies, unlocking human potential, and reconnecting us in balance love and peace to all our relations.

Shine is the co-creator of Peace Sticks, Peaceful Ninjas, Shining Lion and Black Feet Music and the Peace Center Nicaragua. He holds an honors degree in biology and minors in psychology, philosophy, and Spanish.

Shine’s love of surfing, and study of the movement, healing, music and energy traditions of indigenous world cultures has led him on a life-long journey to gather powerful teachings to bring to his practice. He has traveled to over 13 countries, learning five languages, and training in the traditions of Taoism, South American, African and Native American Nations. He is trained as an instructor in yoga and has studied Munay Ki, Chi Gung and Tai Chi sword with Chinese Martial Arts Grand Master Zhou, and trained with the International Council of Indigenous Grandmothers.

Shine has studied widely in the areas of nutrition, positive thinking, stress relief, group dynamics and world peace. After inventing the practice of Peace Sticks with his brother Evan, he began teaching and developing methodologies to awaken life force energy and connect human beings. Many of these methods are rooted in ancient tribal wisdom, and focus on healing human beings, nature, and all our relations. Shine and the Peace Sticks Tribe have led hundreds of World Peace Ceremonies, and the forest of world peace continues to grow exponentially.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Tribal Roots of Peace Sticks and Peaceful Ninjas

    75 min | Trixsters’ Playground

    A hands on, DNA activation, and reawakening of our Tribal Roots. How we can use tribal energetic technology to connect to ourselves each other and nature in Peace. Applying and integrating these practices into our lives so that we may walk into the future in balance fully tapped into the Life Force energy.

  • Peace Sticks Light Workers in Action

    75 min | Family Garden

    What does it mean to be a light worker? What are the tools and skills that empower us to help each other, heal each other, transform together?

    This workshop will empower you with skills and wisdom that you can use everyday to become fully present, activated and living your mission. You will learn advanced teachings on Peace Sticks, Staff, Energy Healing, flow state and Peace.

  • Peace Sticks Peaceful Ninjas World Peace Ceremony

    75 min | Lovers’ Nest

    We use sacred, crafted sticks to throw and catch amongst each other using our full awareness, and energetic capabilities to give and receive in balance and harmony .
    This opens our beings to the flow of nature, bringing our bodies, minds, breath and spirit into a full movement meditation.

    The Ceremony begins with each person's intention to activate our individual and tribal life source energy awakening the innate ability to center in and harmonize with our brothers and sisters. We integrate tribal ways of connecting to source: Music, the circle, drum, prayer, talking sticks, eyes, voice, and love in our hearts to create a chi field and radiate peace in an expanding circle. We give this energy to heal ourselves, the Earth, and into the universe.


Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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