Shylah Ray Sunshine

Shylah Ray Sunshine is a mother, musician and aspiring Midwife. She supports women in pregnancy, birth and postpartum as a Doula and has given birth twice at home, once with a midwife, and once without any assistance. From a young age, Shylah grew up helping her mother care for babies and children, carefully observing the relationship between mother and unborn child, how birth affects a babies life, breastfeeding and the correlation of our overall health and how it affects our socitey’s fear about birth and babies. Shylah has been a voice in her community and a positive role model for women all over the nation on how to have a healthy pregnancy, peaceful and undisturbed births, successful breatfeeding, developing a strong immune system from birth. Shylah believes there is a connection between the way we are born and how it affects our overall health. Shylah is fascinated by the miracle of life and inspired by the potential of natural, human and birth and is actively working with pregnant couples and families to help create change, steering birth away from the medical system, and back into the hands of women; mothers and midwives.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Primal Pregnancy and Birth

    30 min | Family Garden

    Exploring the ways in which we, as women, or expecting parents, can approach birth with a primal, and intuitive knowing and trust for the psychological process.

  • The Things We Don't Talk About

    90 min | Family Garden

    Highlighting subjects we don't talk about nearly as much as we should, and what we'd like to do about it, and how to change this. Including topics such as circumcision, menstruation, abortion, sacred sexuality and new age parenting.


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