Spencer Nielsen

Spencer Nielsen is a guide to Nature inside and out, in the wild lands, gardens, and consciousness.  He is a permaculture designer and educator based in Fairfax, California.  He has studied Ecology, Environmental Education, and Eco-Social Design, as well as Permaculture, Yoga, Qigong, Ayurveda, Daoist medicine, and Planetary Herbalism.  With over a decade of experience farming, landscaping, and gardening, Spencer currently teaches permaculture at the Regenerative Design Institute in Bolinas.  He is a perennial student of herbalism and Ayurveda, currently with the East-West School of Herbology and the American Institute of Vedic Studies.  Spencer has worked on international projects helping to design farms and gardens in India, Myanmar, and Indonesia.  Yoga is foundational to his life path which includes guiding nature connection, ancestral skills, wilderness rites of passage, and sharing yoga and qigong along with Vedic and Daoist herbal wisdom.  A lover of life, Spencer maximizes his time at his half-acre homestead, where he tends his garden and enjoys drinking tea and playing music.

Workshops & Presentations

  • Ayurvedic Agroforestry

    60 min | Lucid University

    From the context of ecological design for healthy humans and healthy food systems, this workshop will explore the foundations of each Ayurveda and Agroforestry, then utilize Ayurvedic wisdom to learn how to design and tend place-based edible ecosystems. Using elemental approaches to maximize health and balance, we'll discuss medicine plants from the dual lenses of Ayurveda and agroforestry (plant guilds) that can benefit people and the land. From the elemental constitution of landscapes to permaculture plant guilds, we will use Ayurvedic language to see the capacity of permaculture design as a healing modality for imbalanced landscapes. Basics of Ayurvedic diet and herbal wisdom will be highlighted so participants walk away with next steps, whether or not they have a garden to tend.

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