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Mr Joel Otladisa Mosimanyana of 36 years, was born in Botswana in the South east region, a place called Lobatse. He is first of all a humanist, an African traditionalist, a musician (singer), a Dj, husband and a father of 3. His quest is finding out how the Bushmen have survived from ancient times till modern days. He studied Classical Music at the University of Cape Town, having grown up singing in a choir and is involved in bringing the youths together to express their concerns through poetry and spoken word, utilizing his own sound equipment, organizing what is normally known as open mics. He is also a vendor/hawker trading and exchanging crafts from his culture with other cultures for money and sometimes for other cultural artifacts. 

Workshops & Presentations

  • Music and Dance For Healing and Blessing

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    In Southern Africa, Botswana, as the Bushman we use our traditional music, singing, clapping, and stomping of feet (dance), as a way of healing the unwell and blessing the clan hunters and the newly born, or the traveler.
    All the elements of Music, song and dance are brought together to keep the clan, community sustainable, alive and healthy. To also bring it food, other than entertainment.

  • Hunters and Gatherers

    60 min | Lucid University

    Our main diet, though it has changed with modernism, as the Bushman has always been from the wild. Either hunted wild/Bush meat or gathered wild berries and fruits. Longevity, glowing skin and perfect health have always defined our people. All this due to naturally provided food. Non-packaged, not for sale and shared with all.

  • Realizing God Through Storytelling

    60 min | Healing Sanctuary

    As the Bushman we have always learnt and are still learning from nature. God exists in everything that is not man-made and that is which is man-made if its for the good use on mankind then its Godly. Consciousness evolves from consensus and the elderly teach the young. The young listens to the elderly so they can pass the knowledge to their young ones too. We only used what we needed and took only what we want to use until modernism changed all that, but there are still a few clans that practice our ancestral ways of life. to be the guardians of our surroundings and call out to the unknowns for help.

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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