Terence Carfrae

Terence of Temple Santa Barbara, is a Holistic Health and Movement Visionary. He aims to bring the esoteric aspects of Spirituality, Movement artistry, and ancestral health into modern life through coaching, workshops and events with the intention of expanding people’s capacity to experience the fullness of life.  

Workshops & Presentations

  • Voice of the Primal Feminine

    120 min | Goddess Grove

    Sacred ceremony for the healing of the wounds of the masculine and feminine energies within all of us. This is an opportunity to deeply feel and embody the powerful energies that create our reality. Attendees are required to remain present for the duration of the ceremony.

  • The 5 Greatest Tools for Vitality - All of Which are Free

    30 min | Healing Sanctuary

    As a functional medicine vitality coach, Terence has found most of the behavior change required of people to dramatically improve their health are simple and free. The limiting factor in the adoption of these behaviors is usually lack of understanding of the benefits of these behaviors. The five things are improving Cephalic response, walking, cold showers, meditation and sleep. Terence will go into the esoteric details of each of these to heighten the awareness of their potential impact when used effectively.

Scheduled Appearances: Check Schedule for all event times.

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